Windham Veterans Advisory

Windham Veterans Advisory Center administers the Soldier Sailors and Marines Fund (SSMF) .  WRCC’s SSM fund representative  Bill “Woody” Woodbury will provide guidance, counsel and assistance with the preparation of the application.

The following information/documentation is required to complete the application:

  1. Certificate of honorable termination of military service (DD-214 or equivalent)
  2. Connecticut photo identification (CT Driver’s License or CT DMV issued ID) 
  3. Social Security number(s) – veteran and/or spouse (if applicable)
  4. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  5. Birth Certificates for minor children (certificate must show parents’ names)
  6. Death Certificate for the veteran or spouse (if applicable)
  7. Release of Information form signed by the veteran (and spouse if applicable)
  8. Documentation of income (salary, wages, pension, social security, VA disability compensation, unemployment compensation, disability compensation, etc.)
  9. Documentation of liquid assets (savings accounts, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc.)
  10. Documentation of assistance being provided by the Connecticut Department of Social Services or non-profit/charitable entities (cash assistance, food stamps, rental assistance, Title XIX, etc.) 
Purposes for which temporary assistance is available:
  • Weekly assistance Assistance with rental payments or mortgage interest payments 
  • Assistance with utilities such as gas, electricity, water and home heating fuel 
  • Assistance with medical expenses (Limits apply)
Purposes for which assistance is not available:

There are expenditures for which assistance from the Soldiers’ Sailors’ and Marines’ Fund is not available. Such expenditures include, but are not limited to:

  • Payment of taxes (Including sewer taxes)
  • Payment of insurance premium
  • Payment of home repair, maintenance, or capital improvements
  • Payment of educational expenses (Assistance may not be provided to full-time students)
  • Payment of mortgage principal or purchase of real estate
  • Payment of telephone or cable bills
  • Purchase of equities, bonds and mutual funds
  • Purchase of furniture, automobiles or other capital goods
  • Payment of personal debts, credit card bills, past-due bills, loans or other obligations, irrespective of the reason for their incurrence by the veteran, spouse, widow/widower or children under age 18
  • Payment of dependent dental expenses
  • Alimony or child support payments