Windham Juvenile Review Board

Windham Juvenile Review Board (JRB) is a community-based diversion process offered to youth who have committed minor delinquent acts or youth who are displaying at-risk behaviors at home or school that could result in an arrest or a referral to the juvenile court. Windham JRB   implements a balanced and restorative justice program for juveniles giving balanced attention to the community, the victim, and the youth and their families.

Who is on the JRB?

Carefully selected professionals, including police, social workers, mediator, teachers, counselors, court personnel and community members. These individuals share a common interest of helping young people and their families, are familiar with the general behavior patterns of children and youth and have frequent contact and good communications skills with them. Each board member is bound by confidentiality and is required to sign a confidentiality agreement

How does it work?

The parent/guardian of any youth who commits an offense  will be issued a JRB Summons by the police, the school, or by Youth Services.  This summons offers a diversion from the Juvenile Court and affords the youth and family the opportunity to address the issue without a Juvenile Court record.The JRB can order youth to undertake counseling, conflict resolution

In a case where the juvenile has broken the law, the board will require the juvenile to accept consequences such as community service, restitution, etc.  The Board may also make recommendations in an attempt to resolve any conflict that the juvenile has been experiencing.  The diversion process is entirely voluntary and the juvenile must admit to the behavior for which they have been referred otherwise they will be referred back to the court system. classes, therapy, substance abuse services, mentoring, tutoring assistance, or a variety of other programs. The Board can also require students to write essays or letters of apology, or perform community service.